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About Us | Capitol Carpet Co - Sherman Oaks, CA

Many people seem to believe that they only have a few options when it comes to installing new flooring in their home or place of business. Many people simply don’t know that flooring is an industry unto itself and manufacturers compete constantly to come up with a better product. Among other things, the end result is a huge variety of flooring types and styles made available to the public. If you thought you only had hardwood and carpet to choose from, think again.

Here at Capitol Carpet Co, we are familiar with and carry all types of different flooring materials. We make it a point to educate ourselves on the latest flooring trends and styles so that we can in turn educate our customers. We will be your personal flooring consultants.

There is nobody who knows more about flooring in Sherman Oaks, CA than us, so it stands to reason that we are the best company to work with if you are considering new flooring for your property. You can rely on us for hardwood floors, carpets, tile, and much more. Get in touch with us today and enjoy your brand new flooring tomorrow!

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